November 3, 2020

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Muse Dash backslashed because Akai Haato Streamed. Gawr Gura and Hachaama privated videos on Youtube. Muse Dash banned Hololive members streaming their games

Muse Dash backslashed because Akai Haato Streamed. Gawr Gura and Hachaama privated videos on Youtube. Muse Dash banned Hololive members streaming their games

Hololive collabed with Muse Dash before. Chinese antis flooded with bad reviews on Steam.

Hololive China Drama continues. Full story coverage. The ongoing full story coverage will be continuously updated. Stay tuned.

(Updating since 2020 Nov 3rd)


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What is Muse Dash?


Gawr Gura playing Muse Dash

Muse Dash is an indie music game developed by Chinese developer 心动网路 X.D. Network Inc. Franchise.

You “play as characteristic Heroines, Dash through fairy tale like stages, Dancing to the rhythm and beats, Kick those silly cute enemies into outer space.”

It has a decent fan base for an indie game among music game players and gained a huge popularity after Vtubers, especially Hololive members playing it during stream. Hololive there was a “MuseDash X Hololive Official Colab” back in June, 2020 that Shirokami Fubuki was involved in the game. Everyone was happy about it including Chinese before the Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato Chinese Hololive drama.

The new star of HololiveEN, the Shark, the meme, the myth, the legend, Gawr Gura is a big fan of it. Gawr Gura is a very good music game player, but not in any game other kind of games as a gamer or gamer girl, according to her (in fact she is so good that Muse Dash fan appreciated her input. Many Hololive fan called her the god of Muse Dash).

What happened to Hololive and Muse Dash?

MuseDash X Hololive Official Colab

Akai Haato recently streamed about Muse Dash as usual and there was an instant backslash today in 3rd of November, 2020.

As we all know about all the Chinese drama in the past 2 months, especially related to Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato, Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco were never fully recovered from the drama and many Chinese antis are still attack them till now and never forgive them. Chinese antis are furious about the Chinese game company allowing the hated Akai Haato to be able to play and stream it.

NGA netizens believed that game companies condoned what they believed to be an insult to China by the “anti-china” vtuber Akai Haato. This action was disloyal to the country and should be sanctioned. As a result, Chinese players bypassing (they call it climbing) the Chinese Great Firewall with VPN illegally and began to spam bad reviews on Steam, attempt to repeat the similar sanctions and boycotts towards a Taiwanese horror game “Devotion” happened last year in 2019. (For those who don’t know, the Taiwanese developer wrote “President Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh” in a game item)

X.D. Network Inc. Franchise immediately issued a statement on the NGA, announcing that they will ban all the Hololive’s vtuber live streaming their games. Immediately, Akai Haato and Gawr Gura’s Muse Dash videos were changed to private.

Muse Dash notice on NGA

The news spread to Taiwan and English-speaking forums. Netizens generally believed that X.D. Network Inc. Franchise paid too much attention to the Chinese market and bullied innocent vtubers. It also started to launch a wave of refunds and bad reviews.

At the same time, NGA netizens believe that X.D. Network Inc. Franchise only made a statement on NGA, and did not make a statement on Twitter or other social media, nor did it clearly indicate that it would remove Shirakami Fubuki’s song, which is suspected to be a deception, so they will not Stop sanctions and boycotts.

As everyone knows, Muse Dash gained popularity because of Hololive’s Vtuber multiple live events. Now facing Hololive’s suspension of broadcasting and both Chinese and foreign sanctions, how the future sales of Muse Dash will be affected remains to be seen.

In addition, Gawr Gura, who once declared that he likes Muse Dash in the live streams, and Akai Haato who caused all the dramas because of her live stream, how the two will react as a follow up, This is what the fans care about.

Will Akai Haato and Gawr Gura be punished?

Muse Dash Steam review

Our analysts think that it’s not likely to be. As they did not violate any policies. However Muse Dash is now drawing both antis from Hololive fans and China, the future of the game and the studio will remain unclear. We do believe that the game studio will have to continue to show their loyalty towards the Chinese government and their patriots. Sales is not their first priority if they do not want to be in jail.

Reference: Chinese developer 心动网路 X.D. Network Inc. Franchise

Muse Dash Steam Store

Chinese developer 心动网路 X.D. Network Inc. Franchise Steam page NGA


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