October 9, 2020

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Genshin Impact censored Kiryu Coco, Hong Kong and Taiwan in chat, reported by players. China, Vtuber and Gaming controversy continues.

Genshin Impact censored Kiryu Coco, Hong Kong and Taiwan in chat, reported by players. China, Vtuber and Gaming controversy continues.

Genshin Impact censored Kiryu Coco, Hong Kong and Taiwan in chat, reported by players. China, Vtuber and Gaming controversy continues. Full story coverage.

(Updating since 2020 Oct 7th)

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Genshin Impact censoring words including Hong Kong and Taiwan


Here is a clip of how the word Hong Kong and Taiwan are banned in Genshin Impact servers, especially Chinese servers, and Hong Kong/ Taiwan server.

It is very common for Chinese game developer, including MiHoYo the developer of Genshin Impact, to comply on policies set out by the Chinese communist government which has straight rules on publishing.

The reasons are simple.

MiHoYo is a 100% China owned Mainland China based developer with only one successful Honkai Impact which targets Chinese audience first then another half is players outside China. It was a great success but there were not many track records on publishing a mainly overseas audience targeted game like Epic Games (halfly owned by Chinese company Tencent) and Tencent itself. It’s safer for them not trying to “touch the red lines” set by the Chinese government.

Chinese laws and games regulation stress heavily on not containing anything that “threatens China’s national unity”.

Most Chinese mainlnd games censor a lot of phrases including President Xi, phrases that used by Taiwan and Hong Kong (and mainland Chinese) that mock about the government, phrases about sensitive history of China, phrases about politics of China and more. Sometimes it gets really ridiculously aggressive about even one single word or swearing phrase like 操你妈 caonima (F your mum). This is why mainland Chinese will play around the words to use different characters like 草泥马🦙, a nick name that given to an alpaca by Chinese people, so that the pronunciation is the same but it means differently and you would still get the meaning out of it. Those phrases became universal internet slang among Chinese to fight against censorships.

These rules technically do not apply outside China for their games and therefore Chinese gaming companies tend to separate servers from Mainland China, Taiwan Hong Kong Macau and overseas.

However many companies tend to surrender themselves to the regulations even for the global servers in order to show respect to the government for easier lobbying in the future to get more investment from state companies and financial institute within China.

If you are interested in those reports, you can easily find them online from companies who focus on Chinese market strategy like Nikopartners

Censoring Kiryu Coco 桐生可可 in Genshin Impact

As you have already seen from the article cover the word Kiryu Coco has been censored in Chinese server. It was simply because of the Hololive China controversy that Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco reported analytics about their stream by country in google analytics describing Taiwan as a country directly from their screen, that they did not create the reports and wording themselves. You may say that it is simply a “silly mistake” that they never intended to trigger the fragile Chinese audience.

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