October 7, 2020

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Insider Leak: Shirakami Fubuki Official Bilibili Account stopped functioning and Official Weibo get banned.

Insider Leak: Shirakami Fubuki Official Bilibili Account stopped functioning and Official Weibo get banned.

Shirakami Fubuki faced toxic comments by Chinese antis and haters along with the Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato Drama. Shirokami Fubuki is attacked by Chinese netizen. Hololive China Drama heats up again. Official Bilibili Account stopped functioning and Official Weibo get banned.

Full story coverage. The ongoing full story coverage will be continuously updated. Stay tuned.

(Updating since 2020 Oct 7th)

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Reason: Shirakami Fubuki mentioned Kiryu Coco in a tweet at 6th October, 2020


Here is the English translation of the tweet. And first of all, twitter is illegal in China.

Oh yes! We still have to go for the takoyaki party. (^・ω・^§)ノ
As a substitute for the penalty game have to treat them with a yummy takoyaki party.🦊🦊

When Kanata feels better, let's give her a surprise visit with a takoyaki plate.
I also want to put Kaicho's tail on my cheek. 🦊🐉

And that’s it enought for Chinese antis. Chinese netizens are super angry about the tweet because by the time Fubuki tweeted about this, Kiryu Coco has not officially personally apologize for the the whole China Taiwan one country drama.

Comments from Chinese haters

All the Chinese twitter accounts started to commenting “goodbye”, “who support taiwan being a country”, “I will sit and wait hololive got kicked out from China”, “my youthful days are gone”, “unsubbed”

— 港獨台獨親媽骨灰拌飯🤗 (@19PF5tW1J7DpdDv) October 6, 2020

— 響(*´﹃`*)可愛いよ (@Victorique_D_B) October 7, 2020
我都忘了我最近不咋看holo了,正好提醒我了(就不发日语回复了,顺便推也取关得了w pic.twitter.com/epXLBll9Em

— 響(*´﹃`*)可愛いよ (@Victorique_D_B) October 7, 2020```

privated comment by Chinese hater against Kiryu Coco of Hololive and Shirakami Fubiki incident
Other Taiwanese replied with sarcastic comments like "no one cares", "on sh!t cover is gonna bankrupt with one less sub" Of course there are many political and toxic comments from both side. Though there are some reasonable Chinese tweets ```兄弟们,冷静冷静,别在这做阅读理解,不至于 — creeper_LOL (@creeperLOL2) October 6, 2020``` "calm down brothers. stop doing comprehensions" (He meant don't over analyse about the tweet) "I came from china, I think this time fubuki's drama is a bit too much. Most Chinese people put the county about everything ... I don't talk about Coco's drama ... the main reason is official Chinese bilibili tranlation group ... I rather hololive leaving China so the girls can feel at ease." And yes. This tweet actually mentioned what we wanna talk about next session. ## Insider story ### Shirakami Fubuki Chinese Bilibili Official Translation Team and Nijisanji Official Translation Team There are a bunch of leaks appeared to the surface with the 24 hours of the tweet from insiders and spies within the Chinese Official Bilibili translation Groups. These translation groups used to be those pirate like groups that do Chinese translation clips on Bilibili like the English one you see on Youtube. They eventually draw the attention of Cover Corps because they have a well established community. It's easier to get into the Bilibili and Chinese market with their management and help. This is one of the reason why Hololive entered the Chinese market later than its competitor Nijisanji yet grew so much quicker and made a bank from it. And of course these created many unforeseen problems. (There are many stories about it for the past 2 years. See if we can get Wojtek_kun to write some long articles/ making some youtube videos about it in the future) The official Shirakami Fubuki is managed "directly" by the translation group. So technically it is official but not "official" official. These are the typical cases that pirated Chinese uploaders stealing contents from Youtube to Bilibili, or Bilibili to Youtube (they call it 搬运工, moving service), turned into legal services. This was how Bilibili started by copying Niconico and stealing contents outside the Great Chinese Firewall as Chinese cannot access to most of the internet services outside China nor people out would have a peek into Chinese services. Yes, Bilibili had no official genuine Anime before but kind of forcing Japanese companies complying with them. They use the "if you do not provide us the right of streaming your anime, you won't even get your cheap commission from us and we would still stream them anyway" tactics and many Japanese companies in the end didn't want to lose their IPs for nothing so they started to make relatively small cheap deals with them. Here are the two leaked pictures, one from Fubuki Bilibili Official Account management company and one from Nijisanji China Official management account. The Fubuki management company helps editing, cutting, translating raw videos into Chinese version for Bilibili uploads. It says:
Leaked Group Picture Fubuki Bilibili Official Account

To all shirakami fubuki translators, First of all thank you for all the new and old members contribute to raw videos and derivative work. As we all know, because of Hololive 4th Generation Kiryu Coco’s misbehaving, it gave hololive’s official Chinese bilibili management a devastating blow. 2020 Oct 6th 17:48 Shirakami Fubuki mentioned Kiryu Coco on twitter before Kiryu Coco apologizing and did not remove tweets after 24 hour. This is the direct cause for us will not be able to manage the official account @shirakamifubukiOfficial.

The current plan will be: This group officially stop any editing and translation works. If Kiryu Coco continue refusing to accept the territorial integrity of our country and Hololive members still continue to have any social activities with her as usual, this group will never go back on our translation works.

Current discussion: Should we delete all the drafts and does anyone want to continue on our works.

Deputy head - green leaf

If no one disagrees, then :

  1. Translation group will stop having any activities immediately officially
  2. All drafts will be deleted in the near future
  3. If there is anyone who really want to continue their works, please contact Cover CN yourselves.

This one is an announcement within Nijisanji China Management Account to its staff.

Leaked Group Picture Official Nijisanji China Management Account

@everyone [About recent collab with Hololive] Because of the current special situation, Nijisanji & Hololive collab stream will be temporarily abandoned. Period: now ~ 18th October Depending on the actual conditions it is possible that the period will be extended. If it is going to be extended we will inform the translation team. Thank you for your support and understanding, translation team.

And boom Hololive and its Vtubers artists are now once again forced to take side if not Hololive Chinese management team (Hololive CN is different management team. Hololive CN is only responsible for Chinese Hololiver within Bilibili and Hololive Chinese management are directly link to those Japanese ones who stream on Youtube) will lose all their cheap labours in China who did all the high quality editing, 3D animation and translation. (Yes. Hate it or not, they are very quick and having a high quality with that low price. That's the reality for anime and gaming business). Will they be successful this time or will hololive eventually fully retreat from China? Fubuki's bilbili channel was making banks along with a few hololiver. We highly doubt about it but this will force Yagoo start to rethink about the whole business strategy with the success of Hololive EN.

It looks like many insiders and spies are not very happy with the current situation about Hololive China Drama, including Nijisanji team members.
Though it is possible that some people created fake information and spread among the insiders to the public. But it seems very not likely according to our analyst. You can simply search about this on twitter and weibo in Chinese.

The <a target="_blank" href="https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1854y1k79p">Fubuki Bilibili Official account </a> is already full of hate comments especially the latest video about Fubuki's birthday. And <a target="_blank" href="https://s.weibo.com/weibo/%23%E7%99%BD%E4%B8%8A%E5%90%B9%E9%9B%AA%23Fubuki">Fubuki Bilibili Official translation Weibo account </a>   has already be deactivated or even banned according to insiders.

<div style="position: relative; padding: 30% 45%;">
<iframe style="position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; left: 0; top: 0;" src="https://player.bilibili.com/player.html?cid=242584765&aid=842317633&page=1&as_wide=1&high_quality=1&danmaku=0" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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Disclaimers: Please do no send hate to Chinese people. There are always bad apples in any group. From what it seems to be circulated, there are many Chinese Hololivers who disagree the antis. And the best way to stop all these nonsense in the future is trying to understand each other and reunite with love. Political situation is always a chaos in China and with its stance on surrounding area, and also with every western country. Fighting and hating on each other without trying to have a mutual agreement, **FROM BOTH SIDE**, will not never solve any problems.

Our staff and contributors are all from different ethnicity, background and country. We do not encourage racism but we hope everyone try to be objective and choose what you think it's universal value and justice.
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