October 19, 2020

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Chinese Anti Latest strategy “肖战“ spam against Kiryu Coco after she is back at 19th of October

Chinese Anti Latest strategy “肖战“ spam against Kiryu Coco after she is back at 19th of October

Chinese Anti Latest strategy “肖战“ spam in Kiryu Coco live chatroom and all the related tags on twitter

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(Updating since 2020 Oct 19th)

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Who is 肖战?


Who is 肖战

肖战 also known as Sean Xiao or Xiao Zhan, borned in 1991, is a famous Chinese actor and singer from a Chinese male idol group named X Nine. We will not talk about him here on this post as he is only being used by the Chinese Kiryu Coco Anti. He is NOT directly related to any virtual youtuber nor any vtuber controversy.

Yet the only thing you have to know about him is that he was himself a controversial celebrity in China and Chinese people used to boycott against him. They call it the “Xiao Zhan incident” (肖战事件). In 2020 February 24th , some of the Xiao Zhan fans found out a doujin novel called 《下坠》from a Chinese doujin / derivative work library website called AO3作品库, describing Xiao Zhan as a female homosexual hair stylist. The author MaiLeDiDiDi herself is actually a hardcore Xiao Zhan fans. Those fans thinks that the novel insulted Xiao Zhan and therefore reporting MaiLeDididi with the evidence of her Weibo and LOFTER blog to Chinese Government Internet Surveillance Department as pornography. Pornography is “officially illegal” in China in any forms. Whereas reporting to the government with real name (实名举报) means that fans reporting it with their real identity (not anonymously) so that the government will act seriously on the issue. Everything in China has to be registered in real name so any internet footprint is never anonymous.

In February 27th, it became the hottest trend and some “good” Chinese antis towards those unreasonable Xiao Zhan fans came out to condemn the PR and studio of Xiao Zhan, deciding to boycott all companies who used Xiao Zhan advertising endorser. They call it 227 great unity “227大团结”.

It was a long lasting drama from Janurary 2020 till October 2020, the point that we write about this article. Months of turmoil involving massive online reporting behaviours. A lot of Weibo accounts that resisted against Xiao Zhan and his fans were unilaterally judged as malicious accounts and got banned by the platform Sina Weibo as a rectification action.

We will not write the whole story about him here. We will summarize it in a few points. “Xiao Zhan” the name is now linked with online dramas between fans and antis, cyber bullying, the rights and actions of Chinese government and business authorities, celebrities that “crossing red line” or not (like Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato incident). And most importantly, during early October which is the golden week for Chinese as it’s China National day, a series of Xiao Zhan offline movements (involing gathering near universities and spraying graffitis), is condemned by a Chinese university Professor referring it as a beginning of colour revolution. Bare in mind that no protests or gatherings are allowed in China that might oppose Chinese Community Party CCP or disturb the stability of the society.



We see a lot of English speakers kept asking “who is 肖战”. There is no specific reason for that. Some Chinese were saying that “let them know about 肖战”. It’s pretty random. And Kiryu Coco’s twitter tag has been adversely attacked by Chinese Antis for weeks since the first day of the incident. You cannot really see anything but spams at this point when you search about fan arts or related tweets with the official tags of Kiryu Coco including #桐生ココ #ココここ #Asacoco #みかじ絵

An example will be like :


答:都是全家的耻辱。#桐生ココ #ココここ#Asacoco#みかじ絵

— hololive笑话大赏 (@Hassan_368210) October 20, 2020

(deleted tweet from chinese anti)

However, many trolls are happy when people try to report them

Kiryu Coco Xiao Zhan weibo chat
Kiryu Coco Xiao Zhan chat


Another possible reason is that Chinese antis are trying to make a imaginary linkage between colour revolution and Kiryu Coco. Colour revolutions are taboo and the biggest fear for China. It might results in CCP asserting pressure on Cover to fire or ban Kiryu Coco if Yagoo would want to continue to run his business in China.


What should we do when we see it?


You can either just report it as usual or contact the moderator. Hololive streams usually explicitly saying in their rules that you should not mention / spam other celebrity or sometimes even other fellow hololive vtubers these days for making troubles in chat.

For twitter, these trolls will not disappear as they don’t have a life. Fans should discuss with Kiryu Coco to see if they can include a temporarily tags everyday or every few days in stream on top of what Kiryu Coco has been using so that real fans can have constructive contribution and discussion on twitter.

The Weibo trolls discussion can be seen here

Are there many “Japanese” / English accounts that are actually created by Chinese Antis? Is it part of their strategy?

Yes. In short, if the account is new and you see nothing but one or few tweet that is attacking Kiryu Coco in either Chinese, Japanese or English, it is created by Chinese Antis. You can also check their likes and old tweets plus people who they are following. Usually you will easily find clues about it. They always accidentally follow at least a Chinese anti account or like a few Chinese anti tweets.

One common thing they spam these days are either random picture, a bilibili link, simplified Chinese tweets, Kiryu Coco irl picture in black and white (with the worst one they can find).

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