September 30, 2020

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Who is Usada Pekora voice actress REVEALED and EXPOSED (seiyuu) | 兎田ぺこらの前世(声優)

Who is Usada Pekora voice actress REVEALED and EXPOSED (seiyuu) | 兎田ぺこらの前世(声優)

the REAL origin of Usada Pekora voice actress is NicoNico streamer 1 1 0 イトウ 伊東とも

(Updating since 2020 April 22nd)


Usada Pekora and her previous life (兎田ぺこらの前世)


This time we will talk about Usada Pekora, the Hololive third generation idol.

Many people love her funny personality shouting ora ora all the time in stream and screaming pekopekopeko when trying to trick people.

All the MAD parody fan videos made her the villain because of her funny sound bites and reaction.

But who is really Usada Pekora? Is she secretly a famous streamer or voice actress before becoming the persona we are now seeing today?

Is it purely luck that Yagoo, the CEO of Hololive hire her without any reason by luck? We will reveal and expose all the details in this post.

We call it 兎田ぺこらの前世 (previous life of Usada Pekora ) and 兎田ぺこら 中の人 (the actress in Usada Pekora)

"Pekora is an idol" - Usada Pekora



Usada Pekora is NicoNico Streamer “1 1 0”


1 1 0 (イトウ、伊東とも) was a actually quite a famous Niconico streamer (ニコニコ生主) in her active era and she distributed her contents in Asia famous platforms very often including Twitcasting (ツイキャス), YouTube、afreecaTV (アフリカTV).

It was common for Niconico streamers to open accounts at that time and redirect them to Niconico hoping for more subscriptions.

Here is one of the example of 1 1 0’s YouTube account with only 1 video and 5 seconds of her saying nothing, basically it is just like telling you “Yes I am cute but nothing is here. Please go to Niconico to check me out and subscribe” with her kawaii voice.

    Redirecting to her NicoNico Stream.

Because Usada Pekora’s subscribers skyrocketed after the debut in 2019 July as the third generation of Hololive under the codename “Hololive Fantasy” (ホロライブファンタジー), alongside Uruha Rushia, Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, and Houshou Marine, rumours of 1 1 0 were everywhere at that time.

She decided to focus on her Usada Pekora persona and “deleted” all her videos and footprints in her NicoNico account. (They are not actually deleted I believed. They are now just private videos only as you can see you can still try to reach her NicoNico Stream Archive with the linked she forgot to delete from her Youtube video above )  


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How does Usada Pekora looks like? How do you confirm she was previously NicoNico streamer 1 1 0 if she removed all her videos?

Well, luckily, we have a backup of her one year anniversary stream!
You can use it as a reference and compare 1 1 0 to Usada Pekora with how she talks, voice and accent, word of choice, and especially her iconic laugh. It is certainly the same person. It is almost impossible for being a different person.

Unfortunately she has never revealed her face without her mask when she was streaming as 1 1 0. The reason is simple. On her previously NicoNico community page, she was written that she used to be a certain normal company staff “会社員”. In Japanese culture, you would love to be super low profile to live a normal 9 to 5 work life. Unlike in the west for being an online celebrity, you might actually get a clout for that or being unexpectedly popular among your colleagues because you are a content creator. The society has been transforming now though as being a Youtuber or a streamer, even a TikToker, is considered to be cool among young people and seen a dream job.

I personally know that one of my Japanese friend who is now working in a certain Tokyo sports media company, had a crush on a young female staff before. Turns out his senpais told him the rumours about the girl that she was an AV actress. And after some investigations, my friend actually found that she was really once an amateur AV porn actress just for one or two appearances in a small porn production, for some quick cash, that should never have been found out after. No matter how small the chance is, people would still find out eventually by accident. Contrary to many western believe, Japan is a very conservative country, despite all the hentai and porn they have, this will cause so many unnecessary trouble at work place. In the end, the whole department’s male staff all secretly knowing and watched the porn she was in. Well, let’s not be sidetracked about this story.

110ちゃん ヘスティアコスで1周年

Hidden meaning of Usada Pekora’s age and 1 1 0

The official age of Usada Pekora’s age is 111. It’s simply because her previous life (中の人) is called 110. So her new life as Usada Pekora is 110 + 1 = 111. It’s quite an interesting idea.

Where does Usada Pekora live and What is the her cup size?

According to 1 1 0, she was born in 静岡県 but now she is living in Tokyo 東京都. Her cup size is E-cup.

Conclusion: Usada Pekora is 110 (1 1 0 / イトウ / 伊東とも).

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