November 27, 2020

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Kiryu Coco takes a rest from streaming in Hololive temporarily. Did Chinese Antis win the war?

Kiryu Coco takes a rest from streaming in Hololive temporarily. Did Chinese Antis win the war?

Chinese Anti seems to win the war spamming in Kiryu Coco live chatroom and all the related tags on twitter. Kiryu Coco quits streaming temporarily. But it might not be not the reason.

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(Updating since 2020 Nov 27th)

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It could just be 2 possible simple reason. One, she would take 2 weeks holiday like Minato Aqua to get some training on dancing/singing for some other projects/performance. Second, it could be just the manager wants her to take some rests as many of the Hololive members only sleep for 4 hours a day. Nothing related to antis.

It seems to be far away to do with anything about antis as everyone are getting so used to spam at this point. Though it affected Akai Haato during the Minecraft sports event recently when she was the cameraman for Kiryu Coco where she got a lot of spams and dislikes on her video. Still this will be a more positive way to think about the whole issue.

Therefore Chinese antis didn’t win the war.



All these are just speculations.

Did Kiryu Coco stop streaming?


Kiryu Coco is officially taking a rest and quits streaming in Hololive temporarily. Chinese Antis just won the war. Kiryu Coco officially tweet about she will suspend for a while and changed her twitter name to 桐生ココ(活動休止)Dragon目指せ89.3万人@ホロライブ4期生. (temporarily stop being active)

The Tweet wrote:

桐生ココ(活動休止)Dragon目指せ89.3万人@ホロライブ4期生 @kiryucoco みなさんに大切なお知らせDragon



In English translate:

Important news for everyone Dragon

Kiryu Coco will suspend activities for a while to protect Kiryu Coco

I have a lot to talk about, but for now, I’ll just tell you this!

Unfortunately that with months of harassments from antis spamming with all her tags on twitter and chatroom, constantly organised doxxing attacks from Chinese forums toward Kiryu Coco manually and bots, Kiryu Coco seems to need to take some rest from streaming as Kiryu Coco from all the Chinese Hololive Drama (桐生ココ炎上)


When will Kiryu Coco comeback?


No one knows yet as she will explain later officially on her tweeter. This seems to be a big deal probably involving decision of herself and also Hololive Cover company itself. It might be a good way her both herself and the company to think about what they can do on the issues in terms of micro and macro managements. More rules and policies might be needed to implement in the future if Kiryu Coco will come back to stream again in a safer environment for herself, the company and fans.


Is it good or bad that Kiryu Coco stop streaming? Is Kiryu Coco graduating from Hololive?


It could be good or bad.

Good thing is, Kiryu Coco might have a better mental health away from everything created from the drama herself.

Bad thing is, from what Hololive manages all the dramas from the past, it doesn’t look very optimistic even though Kiryu Coco herself is a very tough girl. If you still remember 魔乃アロエ Mano Aloe that graduated just after one day from her debut after “taking some rest for weeks”, plus how the whole Hololive CN graduated recently, this might be an extremely complicated. And the follow hidden message might explain everything from our analyst perspective.


Kiryu Coco secret Youtube Membership only message that pointed to Hololive Cover.


Kiryu Coco hidden message to Hololive Cover Company

All the initial character of her message to Youtube Membership only members explains everything.




Ku So Ya Mi So Shi Ki Ga


It means Shitty Black Company, Shitty Trash Company.

We have to say that from the attitude that Hololive Cover and Yagoo gave her and her reaction that she is given towards the company, it looks like she might be having a hard time. And there is a very slim chance that Kiryu Coco will be quiting and graduating suddenly forever. If this is really the real reason, Chinese antis won the war.

If you do not want this happen, share this and let’s give her a reasonable support as a fan and giving Cover a very clear opinion on the issue showing what the fans actually want.


Opposite opinions about the incident


We love the diversity of the community as much as anyone but sometimes fans, especially on certain platforms like reddit have as much trolls/strong opinion fans who cannot tolerate any opinion different from their minds just like certain Chinese antis.

Despite their harsh acts we always welcome every single opinions, as the most important thing taken from our platform is to hear from different perspectives and information from different sides. This can add values to the thinking process if you are open mind enough.

Many people from western community said this was never a war. It’s a tempe tantrum that’s going on for a while. She isn’t suspended. Cover literally pulled out of China already instead of kicking Coco off. It’s clickbaity false information.

Some explaining that it’s just a running gag of Kiryu Coco calling Cover a black company.

Some says that this article belongs to 5ch only and we should move our ass back there.

Some says that “The antis really come out of the woodwork when something like this happens. huh. Nice clickbait.” and then edited “Guy deletes his post after everyone slams him for clickbait, hehe. It’s his first post regarding anything vtuber related too.”

Another guy replied “They feel the need to celebrate any little thing they think they accomplish. (should be “accomplished” from what the commenter means) It’s pretty sad when you think about it.”

One said “I swear if the next thing they celebrate is Coco saying she’s gonna take a 2 hour long shit and deem it as victory I’m gonns wheeze.”

Another comment said “Oh piss off. That title is so hyperbolically stupid I bet it hurt to type it”.

People in China from NGA shared our article and seems to have 50 50 opinions. (As many Chinese fans actually didn’t agree on Chinese Antis, the same as western community).

It’s such a good experiment to demonstrate how actually both western and Chinese community are full of same type of emotional people who just simply hate each other superficially without looking into details. And both celebrating mindlessly for every little thing they thought they accomplished by attacking on what they don’t like or not believe in (no matter it is right or wrong). It’s like a mirror and it’s interesting if you think about it.

All in all, how many of the information are just clickbait, how many of the jokes from Kiryu Coco is just a running gag or there are some kind of truth behind it and how many of the fans from both the west and China really take it as a war (instead of what they said it’s never a war). We believe no matter how old you are/ what ethnicity you are, when you are reading this article, you will be smart enough to make up your own thought. Something that is truely yours but not public opinions.

Our team is really thankful to those who really read up to this point. What do you think about it?

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Disclaimers: Please do no send hate to Chinese people. There are always bad apples in any group. From what it seems to be circulated, there are many Chinese Hololivers who disagree the antis. And the best way to stop all these nonsense in the future is trying to understand each other and reunite with love. Political situation is always a chaos in China and with its stance on surrounding area, and also with every western country. Fighting and hating on each other without trying to have a mutual agreement, FROM BOTH SIDE, will not never solve any problems.

Our staff and contributors are all from different ethnicity, background and country. We do not encourage racism but we hope everyone try to be objective and choose what you think it’s universal value and justice.

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