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The Genshin Impact Beginner Guide before you start that saves you time 原神

The Genshin Impact Beginner Guide before you start that saves you time 原神

The Best Genshin Impact Beginner Guide you should read to save time when getting started

(Updating 2020 Sept)




In this guilde i will show you everything u need to know to be ready for a new adventure


I. What is Genshin Impact?


Genshin Impact is an gatcha-based F2P action game with co-op elements.


Welcome to Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact. Certain People chosen by the gods are able to control elements with the Power of Gemstones. Players start as a Traveler who is searching for a lost sibling. The player can choose between male or a female Traveler. Progressing in the adventure players can control several other characters, each with unique personalities and special abilities. Finishing quests will help to understand the truth about the gods of this world.



Gacha and Rerolling

When you already feel RNG is not on your side and you want to get right into the game with your favorite character or weapon you can reroll with a new account for new summons.

While Genshin Impact hit 4m pre registered accounts there are many rewards e.g acquaint fates.

This item is used to summon new characters or weapons.

After 9 minutes of cinematic which are not skippable you need to play around 10 more minutes to hit adventurer rank 5.

At this moment you can go to mail in your menu and get the first 10 acquaint fates to summon new Gatchas.

When hitting adventurer rank 10 you can claim 10 more acquaint fates in mail.

Hitting adventurer rank 7 gives you primogems. They can be used to buy more summon items. This time we need to go to

Shop-> Paimons Bargains-> Interwined Fate

Interwined Fate can be used to summon more Gatcha.

To use this item you can click on the upper right of your gameplay screen on the star symbol and you will see 2 banners.

The rate of getting good loot is very low as always in types of games like this.

The only difference between this 2 banners is the type of item you can drop out of it

The right banner will give you a higher chance for any good weapon.

The left banner should be used if you want any specific character to play with.


A new account is only worth it if you wish to get any specific item or character but it can take a long time when you are not lucky.

->20 Minutes for the first 10 summons

->event items of the memory game on their website get lost when using a new account

->in total you get 20 acquaint fate (20 summons)

->in total you get 1600 Primogems (10 summons)

->with the masterless stardust you buy interwined fate (2 more summons)


II. The world of Genshin Impact


Teyvat features an open-world map, which can be explored by walking, climbing, swimming and gliding. Many objects and places are spread out all over the map.

World map

Worldmap of Genshin Impact


The red arrows showing the spots you explore in Act 1.

Anemoculus and Geoculus are Oculi which you can see on the world map too.

Oculi are adventure items which can be offered to the statue of the seven to get various items.

Shrines are also marked on this world map.


1) **Anemoculus**  (Blue)
   Can be offered to any Statue of the Seven in Mondstadt
2) **Geoculus**  (Gold)
   Can be offered to any Statue of the Seven in Liyue


  Players need Shrine of Depths keys to unlock shrines
   1) **Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Key** (Blue)
   2) **Liyue Shrine of Depths Key** (Gold)


Players can obtain keys by completing certain world quests and completing one-time Abyssal Domains.

Opening a shrine will reward the player with: ->40 Primogems, ->60 Adventurer Rank EXP ->10 Sigils ->a random assortment of Weapons and Artifacts between 1~4 stars

Sometimes a luxury chest can be obtained when finishing a shrine.

The Statue of the Seven has many functions:

->When a player found and resonated with once it can refill the missing parts of the map

->It can be a Waypoint for the Traveler

->Restore Health of all party members by using limited resources, which are restored over time

->Can give an increase of max stamina

->Change the elemental talents of the Traveler depending on the region where the statue is located



In Genshin Impact v.1.0 are 24 playable Characters.

Type of Character

Next you will get information about every single character and what role he is playing in this game.


I. Support Secondary damage dealer. Swapped in for bursts and skills.

II. DPS Main damage dealer. Fills rotation with normal or charged attacks.

III. Healer Primarily used to heal themselves or more party members.

IV. Flex Hybrid Class which can fill the DPS or support role in a rotation.


Traveler (GEO)SwordGeo
Traveler (Anemo)SwordAnemo








In Genshin Impact there are 5 types of weapons. Every type has normal and charged attacks.

I. Bows Used for long-ranged attacks.

-> Normal attacks doing a chain of 5 quick mid-range attacks

-> Charged attacks can infuse elemental energy into the arrow and increases the maximum range and damage of a shot but is slower

II. Catalysts Dealing elemental energy. Every attack applies the characters element to the target

-> Normal attacks can be single target or AoE attacks

-> Charged attacks consuming a certain amount of stamina but unleashing a very powerful AoE attack around the target

III. Claymores Dealing much damage per swing and have a damage bonus towards breaking Geo objects but slower than the other melee weapons

-> Normal attacks doing a chain of 4-5 powerful and wide melee attacks

-> Charged attacks perform a furios chain of attack and end with a very powerful slash when the character reaches max duration but stamina will be drained over the time. Another way to perform the power slash is when the character runs out of stamina

IV. Polearm Fastest attacks of all weapons in the game

->Normal attacks doing a chain of 5-6 rapid melee attacks

->Charged attacks are different depending on which character uses the polearm

V. Swords Fast melee attacks. Slower than a polearm but quicker than a claymore

->Normal attacks doing a chain of 5 melee attacks

->Charged attacks performing 2 fast AoE attacks on short-range but have a windup before hitting an enemy

Weapon Tier List

I. Bows

Genshin Impact Bow Tier List
Genshin Impact Bow Tier List
Genshin Impact Bow Tier List
Genshin Impact Bow Tier List

II. Catalysts

Worldmap of Genshin Impact Catalysts Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Catalysts Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Catalysts Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Catalysts Tier List

III. Claymores

Worldmap of Genshin Impact Claymores Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Claymores Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Claymores Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Claymores Tier List

IV. Polearm

Worldmap of Genshin Impact Polearm Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Polearm Tier List

V. Swords

Worldmap of Genshin Impact Swords Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Swords Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Swords Tier List
Worldmap of Genshin Impact Swords Tier List


In Genshin Impact are 7 major elements. Characters can use the power of the elements in different ways. Elements can be combined and interact with others. Also characters can force chain reactions when using an element which counters another.This process is called Swirl.

Types of elements

I. Anemo

Anemo is the first element unlocked by the player at the beginning of Genshin Impact. In game, Anemo can manipulate enemies by force through the power of wind, inflicting heavy damage. Should Anemo come into contact with other elements except Geo, it will convert itself and deal elemental damage to the latter one.

Anemo, the power of wind

II. Pyro

Pyro is the second element unlocked by the player after the first encounter and afterward teaming up with Amber. Pyro is capable of setting fire on almost anything biological, inflicting burning damage to the enemy, vaporizing water, melting ice and overloading electro energy led to explosion.

Pyro, the power of fire

III. Electro

Electro is one of the two elements players can unlock during their quest to stop the Stormterror’s ravaging the city of Mondstadt. Unlike Anemo, Electro isn’t very powerful when on its own. Rather, it is a synergy element. It’s extremely deadly against enemies empowered or inflicted with fire and water power, overloading the former with energy that results in an explosion while electrocuting the latter.

Electro, the power of thunder

IV. Cryo

Cryo is the other one of the two elements players can unlock during their quest to stop the Stormterror. Unlike other offensive elements, Cryo focuses primarily on disability.

Cryo, the power of ice

V. Hydro

It can be used to neutralize Pyro Dot damage temporarily and can be combined with Electro or Cryo for strong damage.

Hydro, the power of water

Hydro, the power of water

VI. Dendro

There is not much information about this element. Enemy Hilichurl used this element combined with their shields to throw poisoned projectiles at the player.

Dendro, the power of trees

VII. Geo

Players will receive the power of Geo upon arrival in Liyue Harbor. Geo does not react to other elements. Geo is a suitable element for defense.

Geo, the power of earth

Elemental Reactions

I. Vaporize

When Hydro and Pyro come into contact with each other an enemy can be vaporized.

This deals extra damage.

II. Burning

When Dendro and Pyro come into contact with each other an enemy can be burned.

This deals Pyro damage over time.

III. Crystalize

Geo + Pryo / Electro / Hydro / Cryo

When Geo comes into contact with one of the shown elements above a crystal will be created.

It can be used as a shield when picked up.

IV. Swirl

Anemo + Pryo / Electro / Hydro / Cryo When Anemo comes into contact with one of the shown elements above it spreads the effect to a langer area.

It deals extra elemental damage of the absorbed element.

V. Electro-Charged

When Electro and Pyro come into contact with each other an enemy can be electro-charged.

This deals Electro damage over time.

VI. Frozen

When Cryo and Hydro come into contact with each other an enemy can be frozen.

This freezes a target and has a stunning effect.

VII. Melt

When Cryo and Pyro come into contact with each other an enemy can melt.

This deals extra damage.

VIII. Overload

When Pyro and Electro come into contact with each other an enemy can be overloaded.

This deals AoE Pyro damage.

IX. Superconduct

When Cryo and Electro come into contact with each other an enemy can get debuffed with a physical res by 50%.

This also deals AoE Cryo damage.

Elemental Resonance

When you have a full party, you will receive buffs corresponding to the elemental types which are present in the party.

I. Enduring Rock


->Interruption resistance increases

->When a shield is used attack damage increases by 15 %

II. Fervent Flame

Pryo + Pryo

->The time a character is affected by Pyro decreases for 40%

->Increases attack damage by 25% depending on characters base damage

III. Soothing Water

Hydro + Hydro

->The time a character is affected by Cryo decreases for 40%

->Increases incoming healing by 30%

IV. Impetuous Wind

Anemo + Anemo

->Stamina Consumption decreases by 15%

->Movement Speed increases by 10%

->Skill Cooldown is decreased by 5%

V. High Voltage

Electro + Electro

->The time a character is affected by Hydro decreases for 40%

->If any Superconduct or Electro-Charging reaction happens there is a 100% chance to drop 1 Electro elemental particle.

->The Cooldown to drop is 5 seconds

VI. Shattering Ice

Cryo + Cryo

->The time a character is affected by Electro decreases for 40%

->when you attack enemies that are affected by Cryo or frozen your Crit Rate increases by 15% against this enemies

4 Unique elements

When your party includes any 4 unique elements you will get

->elemental resistance increase by 15% as a buff

Players can also combine buffs e.g.

When a party is filled with 2 Hydro and 2 Pyro elemental characters both buffs will be granted to all party members.

Players can also debuff enemies with a single element

Engulfing Storm


->Continuously drains Energy Recharge

Slowing Water


->Increases skill cooldown duration

Smoldering Flames


->Deals damage over time

Condensed Ice


->Increases stamina consumption

Beginners Guide

What can i do? What should i do? What to do?


In Genshin Impact all things depending on your level but it is not a casual experience gain through monster-slaying.

Characters need Experience Scrolls which can be dropped as a reward or found in chests all over the map.

The game is separated to the character’s experience. It is very important to gain fast experience for your Adventurer Rank.

->The Adventurer Rank is the overall level, it is your account level .

The higher your Adventurer Rank the better it is, because some areas can not be explored until a player reaches a specific Adventurer Rank.

Adventurer Rank Exp Table

1SwordWorld Level 1
151880Character Ascension

In this small table you get a quick overview how experience is needed to level up.

But there is not only the Adventurer Rank.

Each character can be leveled up to level 90.

The higher the level of a character the more skills you can unlock for each.

There are active and passive skills depending on the grade of your character.

But there are caps you have to reach before you can progress to unlock new skills.


All things have a rarity between 1~5 stars.

Of course 1 Star is the lowest and 5 Stars the highest.

Backpack and Drops

While exploring the whole world of Teyvat you can grab many things.

The backpack has basically endless storage so players should grab everything they can get on their way through the adventure. Every item is useful and if it is not useful in your opinion for specific things you can convert it at NPC into other items by crafting, cooking or processing. You may sell it to an NPC at least.

Enemies drop things like artifact pieces, crafting material or character ascension items.

Players can try to loot more things around. They have a respawn time of 24 hours.

->Ores can be found all around. You may use a Claymore to loot there. It is faster and more efficient.

->Looting meat when killing boars is very good with the usage of AoE spells.

->Flowers like Dandelion can be found too. Players need to use elemental skills to loot them.

Do not forget to mark good farming spots for resources on your map, so you can come back and loot again and again if needed.


Chests are the mainsources to grab artifacts, crafting material and Adventurer Rank/Character Rank EXP scrolls.

This is only available in single-player mode. During co-op gameplay all chest are locked and can not be opened


It is always great to pick up a character with cooking specialization in your party while collecting many resources around.


At fights you can always use a quick travel to a Statue of the Seven to restore the health of all your party members.

To check out the known combos go to Elements.

Gear Up

Your party should include one heavy damage dealer which is carrying your artifacts.

Tanky characters not needed in the early game of Genshin Impact.

You should also try to build a set of artifacts with a good primary stat bonus.

->Base attack damage

->Base damage %



You can upgrade or Enhance a weapon or an artifact.

1 Star    Items not worth the ressources

2 Stars    Items with an additional attribute are pretty useful

You can refine weapons later on.

The World Rank

When reaching a higher World Rank in Genshin Impact the difficulty of Ley Line Crops, Monsters and Bosses increases. The rarity of rewards increases also.

With a higher World Rank you can begin to ascend your characters to break the level cap of weapons and characters.

The maximum World Rank a player can achieve is 8.

Adventurer RankWorld Rank

The things you need to do to boost your Adventurer Rank which will grant you a higher world rank

-> Kill big enemy groups to reach the chests they are defending.

Depending on the quality of a chest you will gain 10~50 Adventurer Rank EXP

->When hitting Adventurer Rank 12 search for a member of the adventures guild in Mondstadt. It is an NPC where you can start daily commissions. You will get 4 Quests in total and earn a good amount of Adventurer EXP. To finish the quests do all tasks and go back to the NPC for additional rewards.

->If you have any key for a shrine just use it. You can earn Adventurer EXP and high quality loot

->while exploring the world of Genshin Impact you are able to activate Teleport Waypoints.

Each one will grant you 30 Adventurer EXP.

->Ley Line Blossom missions grant 100 Adventurer EXP but you need to use 20 Resin.


Moon shape Stamina Resin is the energy source in Genshin Impact.

It is used to obtain the rewards from Ley Line Blossoms, Abyssal Domains and Boss Fights.

All activities can be completed without having Resin, but the player won’t be able to collect the activities rewards.

->Resin passively recharge about 1 every 8 minutes.

->The maximum amount is 120 Resin and it will not go past 120. Use your Resin whenever you get this option.

->Fragile Resins can be used to recharge 60 Resin instantly.

Ley Line Outcrops

Players are able to open Ley Line Outcrops which appear in the open world randomly.

If you decide to do this task some waves of monsters will appear.

By defeating them a Ley Line Blossom will appear.

If the player chooses to open the Ley line Blossom he needs to use 20 Resin to gain Adventurer EXP and Character experience material e.g. Blossom of Revelation.

Mora, the ingame currency can be earned by grabbing the loot out of any Ley Line Blossom.

The Adventurers Handbook

You can see the book symbol in the middle of the picture.

Be sure to check the Adventurers Handbook from time to time.

It will grant you Adventurer EXP and certain rewards for free.

The Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will be unlocked at Adventurer Rank 20.

The dailies are easy to finish. Your tasks can be only to login into the game or use Resin.

Once the Battle Pass is unlocked you can choose a 4 Stars Weapon of your choice.

It is Possible to choose between the

->The Black Sword (Sword)

->Serpent Spine (Claymore)

->Solar Pearl (Catalyst)

->The Viridescent Hunt (Bow)

->Deathmatch (Polearm)

You should choose the weapon depending on your primary character class.

Monthly Card

The game offers a monthly subscription which will grant the player 300 Primogems immediately continuing 90 Primogems a day for the next 30 days.


Primogems are the premium currency in Genshin Impact. You can use them to buy

->Fragile Resin (refilling your Energy for activities)

->Acquaint Fate and Interwined Fate (used to perform wishes)

Primogems can also be earned through some activities or hitting milestones.->Quests

->Adventurers Handbook

->Open chests

->activation of the Statue of the Seven all around Teyvat



Wishes give you the chance to summon more powerful characters.

Scroll to the beginning of this guide to learn about rerolling and the free event Primogems you can get to summon characters.

The option to do wishes unlocks and Adventurer Rank 5.


As shown above you can earn Primogems easily by reaching any milestone.

Useful Things

Dive Attack

When you running out stamina while flying or climbing you do not have to die.

Perform a dive attack to the ground. This can not be done if u ran out of stamina, so check your stamina bar and perform the dive attack early enough. You will lose some health points, but not even as much as falling off directly to the ground.

Wishes (again)

When you are able to buy anything to summon in the shop always take Interwined Fate.

These wishes are only available for a limited time.

Quick Teleport

Once you have unlocked any Statue of the Seven you are able to teleport there and perform a healing process for all your party members, so you do not need to spend food or something. This is also working when you get in trouble in normal fights on the field to escape.


There are many ways to combine characters in your party. Tanky characters not needed yet. You should focus on DPS and Support characters with healing abilities.

Do not focus on more than 2 characters at the same time. in the early game.

Check artifacts wisely and gear up one or two characters to be your primary Traveler.


References Used : Genshin Impact, Wiki, Reddit Jeul Dicamillo,forums, blogs, Wojtek_kun

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