October 6, 2020

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All the false depth save modded dungeon CHEAT Glyph cheatsheet

All the false depth save modded dungeon CHEAT Glyph cheatsheet

The is only for cheater or metagamer’s early PVP build Cheated Chalice Dungeon glyph. (updated since 29/3/2018)


Hello, It’s Wojtek again previously moving from wojtek-meta, the imitation game site. I will for now be a regular contributor and editor here. Consider buy me a coffee to keep me going providing the latest info if you find the post useful :).


Save-editing Chalice Dungeons

Save edited Dungeons are created by hackers who successfully broke the PS4 system before 5.5 firmware, changing the data directly to the save in order to create a dungeon that should never be existed, destroying the first hand experience players eliminating the pre-requisites of the dungeons/ creating false depth dungeons/ creating a dungeon that should never be existed, including test dungeons for Alpha development. Players can obtain materials easier/ early with less efforts. Most dungeons are tested by the community being safe, yet users should always backup their saves avoiding save corruption

Remember when old blood was found in Yharnam underground:

We are born by blood,
made by blood,
undown by blood.

Our eyes are yet to open.

Fear the old blood.

- Master Willem

False depth dungeon

Accessible Depth 1 Pthumerian Labyrinth dungeon after you obtaining the first Pthumerian root chalice defeating Viscar Amelia and the first Chalice Dungeon.

Perfect for early PVP build/characters.

Inside are actually some late game lower depth 4/5 dungeon layout and difficulty. Try to speed-run obtaining the items you need if you cannot fight on your own. Beckoning bell is always your best friend.

You can obtain some Lost/ Uncanny weapons, Block Rock, (5) (6) Gems and Ritual Materials like (5) Mould here.

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Testing Dungeon (Zullie’s Dungeons)

Testing Chalice Dungeons with unused Chalice IDs. Including unused enemies and bosses. Chalice Dungeon for testing objects is divided into three layers, one for Pthumeru, one for Loran, and one for Isz. Test Dungeons behave inconsistently. In some, falling to your death in the void, dying in any other way or using Bold Hunter’s Mark returns you to the start of the dungeon with no way to escape. In others, falling returns you to the Hunter’s Dream. That means there are “Safe” Test Dungeons that can be released to the public guilt-free. Glyphs share here are safe so in order to leave the dungeon, walk off the map and allow yourself to fall all the way to the bottom. You’ll lose your Blood Echoes but nothing else.

SFRC Chalice Dungeon

Sinister Fetid Roted Cursed Chalice Dungeon is a type of chalice created with modded save. These glyphs are also created with a save file editor. The dungeon maker character name is ZullieTheWitch with PSN name with lot of x letters.

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